K-Brand Playground Surface

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We take the safety of our children to heart and have pride in knowing our product is superior to our competitors.

We put our K-BRAND through a triple screening process to remove all the fines so our product will last longer, create less mold, and allows more cushioning to protect our little ones from falls.

Fines is like sawdust that will fill up the air pockets around the larger chips making the material denser. It will also retain more moisture and speed up the breakdown process making a perfect environment for mold. Our K-BRAND product has been tested at less than 1%, well below the ASTM 15% standard.

K-BRAND wood fiber has been laboratory tested and meets all guidelines established by the Consumer’s Product Safety Commission for falls on playground surfaces. At a depth of nine inches, K-BRAND also exceeds the ASTM standards for falls of nine feet in height at all temperatures.

Our K-BRAND material is a drier, cleaner, and safer product with a longer life span that puts us well above our competitors.

K-BRAND is sold in bulk and shipped in loads up to 120 cubic yards and to the public as well. Please call for availability.


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